Phynance GmbH is a securities trading bank based in Cologne, Germany. The firm was founded as a financial company in 2004 and became exchange member in the same year. During its first years the firm was focussed on proprietary trading. Since 2008 the firm has also established and developed an asset management business segment.

As of today Phynance GmbH is a major participant in exchange traded markets. One of its core competencies is fully automated trading of financial derivative contracts. It is, however, also active in cash securities markets. Since its inception the firm has continuously expanded its business activities.

Phynance GmbH has developed a highly motivated team of financial engineers and traders who at its headquarter in Cologne continuously expand and refine the trading and portfolio allocation strategies. The guiding principle is to provide to clients the right balance between opportunities and risks while maintaining a positive expected return.

As a securities trading bank Phynance GmbH is authorised and supervised by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and by the Bundesbank in Germany. It meets all related requirements regarding authorised activities, business organisation and financial resources.